Surveys show that 70% of college students say they miss out on campus events because they simply don’t know about them.
You can change this.


A connected campus is a more vibrant and cohesive community — a place where students can forge new relationships, have new experiences, discover new passions, test out new talents and have more fun. Raftr is designed to drive student engagement and student success through proprietary software that connects your students and your campus.

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Hi, we’re Raftr.

And we’re here to help.

After talking to hundreds of students, administrators, and professors for more than two years, we truly appreciate that there MUST be an easier and more efficient way to promote events– whether a lecture, a team meeting, a party, a pop-up, a meet, a meet+greet, a concert, or even a bird-watching expedition.

So is the solution.

We’ve done our research. Students call current campus communication methods “clunky,” “antiquated,” “hard to do, and harder to manage.”  That might be good enough for the DMV, but you can do better on your campus. Raftr’s mobile apps can help you streamline things so you can relegate flyers and listservs to the scrap heap along with telegrams and smoke signals.

Not where you want them to be.

Since our launch, our partner schools have seen quantifiable results for how many more students they reach with Raftr. We’ve seen major upticks in student engagement and participation across the board. Raftr’s software helps students forge new relationships, try new experiences, discover new passions, unlock new talents and just have more fun. This is college. This is Raftr.

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Campuswide solutions, simplified.

When you’re trying to connect with students, Raftr helps you manage the last mile to bring your campus together. Enjoy simple integration with your existing event calendars and messaging solutions, and forget complicated technical configurations or challenging cross-department coordination.

Productivity Tools

Enhance campus involvement through a feature-rich management dashboard

Raftr’s intuitive ProTools provide efficient content management, and the Raftr ProDash offers account managers robust customization and at-a-glance analytics.

Communication Features

Create and manage events, news, and announcements with ease.

Raftr delivers powerful communication features in an intuitive mobile format that is simple and recognizable for students and administrators alike. Reach a single student organization, a residence hall floor, an athletics team, or the entire campus with just a few keystrokes.

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Sue and the Raftr team are truly fantastic and it has been a pleasure working with them. We are really looking forward to continuing our relationship with Raftr and designing communities that all have access to.

Communities Designed for All

University of Denver

I love Raftr because it allows me to always be in the know about events on campus. If I'm ever looking for something interesting to do during the week, I can always check the app's explore page to see what sounds intriguing, and I can also better plan my week!

I can plan my week!

Georgia K.

Tufts University Student

Raftr provides several different lines of communication between staff and students, which means it's a versatile platform for those seeking to drive student engagement. The platform is easy to use and fun to manage, and it provides a space for thoughtful, impactful content.

Fun, versatile platform

Tufts University