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Meet Raftr, a strategic omni-channel communication and community building platform that reimagines campus communities by empowering every member to connect and thrive. Students thrive when they are connected to and engaged with their community, and Raftr provides the tools that empower staff and faculty to grow these connections and enable their students to feel a sense of belonging and agency within the campus community. 

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Communities First

For Students

Unify communication so every student is in-the-know and feels included

For Staff & Faculty

Create experiences in which all members feel included through powerful discovery tools that help students find the micro-communities with which they identify and feel like they belong


For Students

Students thrive when they have meaningful connections and attachments, and Raftr’s software presents a highly personalized experience for every student based on their involvement and role on campus.

For Staff & Faculty

Highly-flexible tech that adapts for institutional process and variance across departments, regardless of campus silos

AI-Driven content

For Students

Raftr’s sophisticated artificial intelligence software automates content curation from across sources, simplifying student’s access to important information & resources

For Staff & Faculty

Our AI system saves time, increases productivity, and improves reach through targeted content to the right audience at the right time

Raftr-Connected Campuses

Communities supported by Raftr so that students can succeed and thrive

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The Last Campus App You'll Need

Create a seamless experience across the entire student journey from the point of admission to post-grad alumni through a tech platform that is smart, flexible and adaptive to each step of the journey & its unique goals and outcomes. 

With integrations, system extensions, metrics, email & push notifications, and automated curation of events, Raftr’s administrative tools create a hub for connecting these opportunities and information to students.

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