Meet The Team

Get to know the experts behind Raftr.

Discover the Members of the Raftr Team

Sue Decker
Founder and CEO

San Francisco, CA

John Robison
Head of Engineering

Santa Cruz, CA

Jill Galiotto
Head of Finance & Administration

Sammamish, WA

Kelly Green Morrison
Head of Product

Oakland, CA

Dr. Carrie Ponikvar
Head of Customer Success

Denver, CO

Liz Boag
Head of Sales

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sarah Garner
Senior Customer Success Manager

Anchorage, AK

Johnny Hass
Head of Growth

Philadelphia, PA

Andrew Gilchrist
Senior Account Executive

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mike Bird
Account Executive

Montréal, Québec, Canada

Jake Reichenberger
Associate Account Executive
Cupertino, CA

Hannah Bariteau
Product Manager

Rose Valley, WA

Carla Comunetti
Product Manager

Mendoza, Argentina

Frannie Ucciferri
Product Manager

Petaluma, CA

Corey Neukom

Long Beach, CA

Agustina Morero

Cambridge, MA

Annie Gaumond
Demand Generation Manager

Montréal, Québec, Canada

Lovelie Faustino
Digital Content Manager

Concord, CA