Many colleges and universities have comprehensive spam or junk email filters in place on campus servers. As a result, sometimes Raftr’s emails may get caught in those and not delivered to students, faculty and staff who are trying to access their accounts. These emails include account verification and password reset messages.

Adding as a recognized email domain is a simple process for your IT department. Please select an option below – you can either use the suggested request copy below and send to your IT contact, or provide Raftr with the correct contact person at your institution, and we’ll reach out to request that emails make it to your users.

Self Request

To request whitelisting Raftr emails, please send the following to your institution’s IT department:

[Insert department / division name] has recently contracted with the communication app Raftr, which involves students, faculty and staff at the institution to create accounts within the Raftr platform. In order for the community to receive account verification and password reset requests to their institutional emails, we will need to have emails from whitelisted within the campus email servers. If additional information or samples are needed, please contact to request a sample email. 

Raftr Requests

Our tech team can coordinate with the IT department. To request this service, please provide the contact information for campus IT.