Raftr for Unions

Connect Your Members Today,
Grow Your Movement Tomorrow.

The more your community connects, the more powerful you become.

Raftr provides a community-first experience through custom direct & group messaging, where members can share content and conversations to specific groups with similar interests. Amplify your ability to affect change with modern peer-to-peer communication.

This is Your Moment to Modernize

If you’re using Facebook Groups, direct mail, or email to mobilize your members, you’re only reaching a small portion of your people. Worst of all, you’re outsourcing member data while competing with social ads for attention.

Use a modern online community to:

  • Reduce risk: Bring discussions into a single, private platform where you can monitor trends and sentiment.
  • Unite your membership: Reach them with the right messages at the right time to keep people engaged & ready to take action.
  • Grow your influence: Leverage technology to extend your reach, instead of growing the old fashioned way: by word-of-mouth.

Discover Raftr for Unions

Today, union leaders must not only mobilize members effectively, they must engage them in the day-to-day to keep them ready to answer the call and win at a moment's notice.

The best resource unions have is their membership

By successfully engaging and empowering your members to become more active and involved, union leaders will be able to focus more on fighting & winning important battles – And nothing attracts new members like a winning union. 
Union Member Onboarding

Member Onboarding

Use Raftr to get new members up-to-speed.

Union Member Engagement

Member Engagement

Keep current members engaged by using Raftr to communicate, share important notifications, resources, checklists & more.

Union Member Advocacy

Member Advocacy

Share important events like strikes, ratification votes, polls & more to help organize and take collective action.

Unite Your Union

Activate Today. Mobilize Tomorrow.

Messaging & Chat

Create digital communities with unique channels to reach individual union members, or select groups.

Push Notifications

Send manual push notifications to all or pre-selected union members.

Peer Connections

Share events (like strikes and ratification votes), polls, or offer Q&A to help your rank & file organize & take collective action.

Useful Insights

Access data and insights to improve union engagement and streamline member communication.

Key Resources

Support your members by giving them easy access to helpful resources, 24/7.

Private Interface

Enjoy a dynamic, modern user experience that’s airtight - unlike Big Social - all while keeping your data secure & in-house.

Download the Union Info-Sheet

Download the Raftr for Unions PDF and learn how a community-building & insights platform can drive engagement and growth by helping members connect.

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