Raftr for

Student Engagement

Connected students are
successful students.

Drive engagement, improve retention, and support student success by making it easier than ever for students to get – and stay – involved on campus.

Raftr for Student Engagement provides a dedicated space for every student group to get organized as well as enjoy instant promotion of group events in a platform that’s intuitive, mobile, and fun.

Public Events

Create and share public events to increase group membership and visibility on campus.

Private Events

Groups can create private events just for their members or leadership in a few taps of the screen


Send notifications to all students or groups of students using manual announcements.


Create communities with group chat channels where students can share polls, answer questions, and connect to each other. 

Resource Guides

Post and pin important information, including policies, bylaws, announcements, and more.

Build Your

Give each student group a custom space to organize their members, discuss events & planning, and offer opportunities to reach the greater student body like never before. Plus, Raftr for Student Engagement makes it easy for students to discover new groups and truly find their place on campus.

Group Organization & Planning

With a custom digital community for each student group, organizations can plan, discuss, promote and strategize, all in a single space. 

Custom privacy settings allow for public distribution to help promote each group to the student body, while still giving leaders private spaces for messaging, events, polls, and more.

Customization & Planning

Advanced customization provides limitless spaces for planning and group management, including committees and subgroup creation.

From informal gatherings to campuswide events, everything needed to connect groups to students and students to groups is included with Raftr for Student Engagement.

Provide Valuable Information

In addition to the powerful social elements within Raftr, our platform also offers plenty of features for providing valuable information to students.

Students can access custom guides that provide information about group leadership, policies & regulations, FAQs, organizational bylaws, and much, much more.




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