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Creating Rafts
Learn how to create and manage rafts within the platform, including inviting members to join, managing privacy settings, and more.
Creating Events
Events are a core component of the Raftr experience - discover the event customization and distribution tools within the app.
Welcome to Raftr
Explore this quick overview of Raftr's platform, features and tools for building and connecting communities.
Creating Custom Chat Groups
Groups for every need: friends, roommates, co-workers; custom chats offer flexible messaging options.
Creating Polls
Polls are simple, effective ways to drive engagement. Deliver your first poll in just a few minutes!
Creating a Campus Map
Learn how to build an interactive, mobile map for your campus - and beyond - with a location-based list post.
Managing Raft Channels
Learn how to manage members, facilitate discussions, and customize chat channels in Raftr.
Creating Dynamic Checklists
Track progress and keep students / staff on task with dynamic checklists.
Banning & Removing Users
Channel leader and co-leader tools include the ability to remove and/or ban users from channels.

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