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Attendance Tracking
Track and drive engagement with event check-ins and attendance tracking.
Create seamless extensions into your institution's tech platforms without any tech or coding skills using Raftr's simple but powerful Extensions.
Theme Builder / Branding
Create a customized app that reflects your institution's brand with a few clicks using Raftr's Theme Builder and Branding tools.
Seen By Feature
Access a list of who has viewed your messages using the 'Seen by' feature on Raftr chat
Announcements Management Dashboard
Draft, schedule and send custom push notifications, targeted by audience, with the Raftr Announcements Management Dashboard.
ProRaft Customization
Customize your ProRaft settings with options for member management, content creation, and advanced tools & settings.
Editing Profile Settings
Once you've created your account, be sure to update and customize your experience under your profile settings.
Creating an Account with SSO
If your institution has chosen single sign-on for account onboarding, this quick guide will showcase how to setup and login to your account using your existing community credentials.
Adjusting Notifications Settings
All users have the ability to customize the app events for which they receive notifications.

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