Raftr Support: Your School and View-Only Experiences

We offer different experiences on Raftr, giving you different options based on interacting with your own university or viewing other active colleges; to make it easy to switch between the two, there is a toggle on your profile by your name. Signing up for an account on Raftr requires a verified .edu email address and your experience will be specific to your school. If you would like to check out other active schools in the app, there is a toggle on your profile enabling you to do so (on iOS only so far). Everyone is able to direct message everyone else, regardless of the university experience they are each a part of. When you are using the app, your experience will change based on which experience you choose to be in. So when you are in your own university’s Raftr experience, you will see on your profile the rafts you are a member of and a feed of your recent activity. Explore, Search, the feeds on the Events and Posts screens, and the Messages screen also will be filtered to only show rafts, posts, and chat channels for your college. You can join rafts from your own school, and interact on the rafts you join there. When you choose to, via your profile, visit another school, the app will be updated so that you can see all public content for that school. You cannot join rafts or create content (events, posts, chat messages, comments, reactions, votes) on any college experience other than your own. It’s fun to check-out what’s going on at other schools in your sports leagues and that your friends attend.