Raftr Support: Your Personal Settings

You can change your profile picture or edit your profile description at any time via the Edit Profile button in the header on your profile. You will find other settings, including for notifications, via the gear in the upper right corner of your profile.
Through the settings page, you can manage your push notification frequency and events, turn on hints to remind you of all the things you can do on Raftr, find and invite friends to the app, or contact us privately. You will also find find our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service here, as well as a shortcut to our FAQ.

Notification Settings:

On iOS, you will see that the notifications screen, opened from settings menu, has four main options, described below; if you’re using Android or web and would like to modify your notification settings, please let us know at ask@raftr.com. To choose one, slide the dot on the slider to the option you prefer and save your choice via the “Done” button in the upper, right corner of the screen.

  • Low: This setting is for people who prefer to not be notified very often about activity in the app. Choosing this option means you’ll only be notified when an event you are interested in is starting soon and when people send you a direct message; interact with you via posts, events, or chat messages; follow you; invite you to or respond to your request to join a raft; join or request to join a raft you’re an admin of; or change your rank on a raft you’re a member of.
  • Normal: This is the default level of notifications. If you choose this option, in addition to the notifications described above, you’ll receive notifications when more official rafts are added to the app, new blogs are published for official rafts you are a member of, or people you follow join a raft.
  • High: If you want to receive notifications about all activity in the app – your own, the people you follow, and rafts you join – this is the setting for you. In addition to the notifications from the “low” and “normal” settings, if you choose the high option, you will also be notified when people you follow create new posts or interact with other people’s posts, people join a raft you’re a member of, you’re released from a raft, or there is a post created on a raft you’re a member of.
  • Custom: This option lets you pick and choose exactly which notifications you will receive. To turn each one on or off, just tap/ click the toggle button (blue is on, grey is off). Some of the notifications include an option to “Include notifications about posts on rafts you haven’t joined”. This means that, for example, if you only want to see notifications for posts created by the people you follow that are for rafts you are a member of, you should turn this setting off, so that “notifications about posts on rafts you haven’t joined” are not included. If you want to see notifications for all posts created by people you follow, whether or not the posts are about a raft you are a member of (unless it is a secret raft or private raft with closed content), then you should have this toggle on, for everything to be included.