Raftr Support: What Is Raftr?

With Raftr, you can discover events happening on campus, find student groups that share similar interests, and make sure that you’re the first to know when there’s free food to be found on campus. If it’s happening on campus, it’s on Raftr. And if you’re on Raftr, you’ll be there.

Our mascot is a sea otter. We chose the otter because sea otters are very social animals that often eat and rest together while floating in connected groups. A group of otters linked together like this is called a “raft”. Rafts can include hundreds of otters connected with one another by holding paws. We see this as a metaphor for the conversations and connections students make with each other in communities formed around common interests, ideas, clubs and sports.

Our mission is to offer the most trusted, discoverable, easy-to-use, and comprehensive social media environment. By verifying your .edu email address, you will have access to a private experience where you can form deeper connections with classmates and keep current with campus events. This is organized around your interests, and is specifically relevant to your college, unlike other social media. In contrast to flyers or word of mouth, Raftr works in real-time, so you don’t miss things happening on campus.