Raftr Support: Sharing the Love

What better way to help others get current and find their people than to share Raftr with them?! We offer a variety of ways to do so, depending on what you want to share. So you have an account on Raftr and want to invite some friends to join you? We have several, seamless options to help! Whether you would like to share a community, content, or a conversation, we provide the means to do so.

Sharing Communities – aka: Rafts:

  • To share a raft you have three options (see below for where to find them):
    • Copy link: Tap the overlapping, blue square icon in the bar with the link to the raft to quickly copy it; you can then paste that link wherever you would like to share it
    • Invite: Tap the invite button to see a list of other people in the app that you can invite to join the raft
    • Share: Tap the share button to be prompted with available options for sharing – the options will vary based on the device you’re on when you use the button. Once you choose an option, some text and a link will be added for you. You can share exactly like that, or edit the text if you prefer (don’t edit the link, though, as that’s how people will find what you’re sharing with them)
  • To find these options, you will go to:
    • Members (other than raft admin): The raft’s Front Page and Info screen (via the “i” button in the upper right of the raft’s screen)
    • Admin: The raft’s Front Page or Info screen (in the raft’s settings, which are found via the gear in the upper right corner of the raft’s screen)
    • Non-Members: The raft’s info page (via the “i” button in the upper right of the raft’s screen)

Sharing Content – aka: posts or blogs:

Sharing posts is as easy as using the “share” button on a post, which will give you different sharing options based on the device you’re on.

How people see what you share:

  • If they have the Android or iOS app installed already and open the link on their device, they will be taken to the post you are sharing with them.
  • If they do not have the app installed yet and open on their device, they will be taken to the mobile web app where they will see the content you shared with them. At the top of the page there will be a banner prompting them to download the app.
  • If they open on a computer, or mobile device other than Android or iOS, they will see the content you shared directly on the website.

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