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Raftr Support: July 6 Update

Raftr Support: July 6 Update


  • Introduced Home page with
    • “Don’t Miss It” section with content from member Rafts
    • Posts and Events feeds for member Rafts
    • Updated (bottom of screen) contextual create prompts for each feed
  • Updated app-level feeds
  • Events feed is now all (member and non-member) Rafts
  • Former Posts feed is now a News feed with only AGC Posts from all (member and non-member) Rafts
  • Introduced views counts on Posts (these track every time a Post is loaded on a screen – which means the user may not have actually scrolled past and seen it, and it also means it tracks “total” views not unique (ie: a single user will be counted multiple times, according to how many times they load a page with the Post on it)
  • Updated Profiles, to align with recent UI updates throughout the site – including updates to header and content sections
  • Updated UI for Channels to:
    • Include segments/pages for Chat, Events, and Polls (the latter two depend on the Channel having at least one Event or Poll to show)
    • Include (bottom of screen) contextual create prompts for each feed
  • Updates to left sidebar to:
    • Include a “Join more” option below Rafts and Channels list
    • Include Scheduled Posts in the Admin Tools menu
  • Replaced Topic icons with emoji (this is aligned with Portal update on last release, and is coming soon to mobile apps)
  • Some fixes like:
    • keeping filters on feeds at the top of the screen when scrolling
    • updating text on Post composer, to be more clear/intuitive
    • cleaned up some inconsistencies across the List Post types
    • updated account-related emails to support dark mode in email browsers

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