Profile Management

Profile Features

Every users profile features a profile photo, bio, and the ability to add personal social media accounts to share with other users. In addition, users profiles show who they follow, who follows them, which rafts they are a member of and the users recent activity.

How to Edit Your Profile

To edit your profile first go to your profile by tapping on your profile picture in the upper left corner of the app (upper right on web). Then click the “Edit Profile” button. Make any additions and updates that you would like then click save.

Settings & Notifications

iOS users have the ability to customize how often, and which type of notifications they receive. These settings are broken down into four main options:

  • Low: This setting is for people who prefer to not be notified very often about activity in the app.
  • Normal: This is the default level of notifications. If you choose this option, in addition to the notifications described above, you’ll receive notifications when more official rafts are added to the app or people you follow join a raft.
  • High: If you want to receive notifications about all activity in the app – your own, the people you follow, and rafts you join – this is the setting for you.
  • Custom: This option lets you pick and choose exactly which notifications you will receive. To turn each one on or off, just tap/ click the toggle button (blue is on, grey is off).

Fuller feature notification controls are coming soon to Android. For a more detailed overview of notification settings, visit our support blog.