Your Custom Quote: Campuswide Lite Pricing (Payment Test)

Events and news solutions, simplified. Price shown for campuses with 10,001 to 25,000 students.

Your annual fee includes:

  • Official university¬†email verification
  • One verified ProRaft
  • Unlimited student-created rafts
  • Public and private event creation
  • Direct and private group messaging
  • Raft channel messaging
  • Auto-generated events from a single source calendar
  • Auto-generated posts & articles from a single campus news source
  • Content flagging and review
  • Email support
  • Access to online training materials & how-to guides

Launch Timeline: What to Expect

  1. Within 1 business day: Raftr account team will contact you to review and confirm events and new sources, and to schedule launch call
  2. Within 7 business days: Your Raftr experience will be enabled in the app with automatic events and news
  3. During your 60-day free trial period, expect regular check-ins from your Raftr account manager to answer questions, provide feedback and support

Love Raftr? At the end of your trial period, you will be automatically billed and your annual subscription will continue!

Want to cancel? Just let us know within the first 60 days, and your account will be cancelled and no charges will be billed.

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