Department Solutions: Orientation

Connect Incoming Students Well Beyond Their First Days

Forget the tired, use-and-discard orientation apps you used to know. Meet Raftr, the innovative mobile platform that creates your orientation experience and connects your incoming students well beyond their first days on campus.

Students Thrive When They Feel Connected

Give your incoming students more than an informational tool. Help connect them to the university – and to one another – before they even set foot on campus.

Explore Raftr for Orientation

Drive retention from Day 1 with this resource-rich social experience that puts the power to succeed in every students hands, regardless of their background

Connect Students

Facilitate instant, genuine connections to students from similar backgrounds

Automated Reach

Save staff resources and deliver personalized experience through automation


Meet students where they are through powerful peer-to-peer social interaction

Key Resources

Customized checklists, notifications, nudges, campus maps, guides and more will support your first years

Orientation Events

Manage events for pre-orientation and welcome week events with attendance tracking, social features, locations, image & video support, and more.

Gain Insights

Access data and insights to improve engagement, streamline communication and drive yield

Customer Testimonial

"Because the Raftr platform meets students where they are, we are seeing great adoption and deep engagement. Between our ability to engage in two-way communication with students and their opportunity to connect with each other, they are quickly developing deep relationships with the school and their peers."
Shawn Simmons
University of North Carolina - Charlotte

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