Raftr for Orientation

Purposeful First Year Experience & Orientation Solutions

Easily communicate & share resources with new students & families, gamify tasks, and track individual student progress to drive retention and promote year-round student success.

Help Incoming Students Feel Connected

Create effective orientation programs that encourage new students to join your campus community, effortlessly.

Send new students important resources, exactly when they need them, monitor student progress along the way, and intervene when necessary, all in one community-focused Orientation Platform.

Custom Alerts & Push Notifications

Reach all new students (or select groups) quickly with manual, customizable notifications, and gain visibility on who has seen your message, and who hasn’t.

Orientation & FYE Event Management

Automatically consolidate all new student events into one master calendar with Raftr’s AI-driven events curation, to make sure no one misses out.

New Student Networking

Encourage conversations by sharing events, polls, or Q&A to help new students find their own unique communities and foster a sense of belonging early.

Powerful Reporting

Track progress to drive engagement and improve event outcomes with customized insights, in order to get a real-time view of student trends.

Customer Testimonial

“Because the Raftr platform meets students where they are, we are seeing great adoption and deep engagement. Between our ability to engage in two-way communication with students and their opportunity to connect with each other, they are quickly developing deep relationships with the school and their peers.”
I am overall quite satisfied with the early data and we’ll use this information to make decisions for next year.”

Shawn Simmons

Assistant Director, Office of Academic Diversity and Inclusion
UTOP Program Director

University of North Carolina - Charlotte

Explore Raftr for Orientation

Drive retention from Day 1 with this resource-rich social experience that puts the power to succeed in every student's hands, regardless of their background.
Connect Students

Facilitate instant, genuine connections to students from similar backgrounds.

Key Resources

Support your prospects with customized notifications, nudges, campus maps, and more.

Automated Reach

Save staff resources and deliver personalized experience through automation.

Admitted Students - Parent and Family - Mobile

Meet students where they are through powerful peer-to-peer social interaction.

Track Attendance

Promote visit days, admissions events, orientation and track attendance with one platform.

Gain Insights

Access data and insights to improve engagement, streamline communication and drive yield.

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