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The Only Truly Comprehensive
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Save staff time and serve students better with an automated comprehensive calendar that’s available with Raftr for News & Events.

Through automated curation of events and news from all campus departments, Raftr is the last campus communication and distribution tool you’ll need.

News & Events Overview

Finally, one of the greatest challenges on campuses across the world has been resolved: the campus calendar. 

You know how this tale goes: An outdated web calendar exists on nearly every college & university website, but with two key problems:

  • Most departments don’t use it
  • Students don’t use it

So then the Biology department posts their events to a Google calendar, while student groups add events to Facebook, and Residence Life stashes their events in GroupMe groups that are hard to find. Events are scattered across the digital world, and the average student has no idea where to even look to find out what’s happening on campus today, tomorrow or next week.

Enter Raftr for News & Events.

With our proprietary software, we automatically curate events and news from each source: pulling the Biology events from Google, the student events from Facebook, and every other department, group and source on campus, and distribute them into a single, mobile, filterable campus calendar. Even better, each user can create a custom feed that makes discovering new events a breeze while still maintaining a calendar experience that’s designed around their own campus involvement and interests.

Automated Events

Forget trying to convince every department and every organization on campus to use a single events calendar (We have some news: It won’t work!).

Instead of trying to change that behavior, Raftr curates events from each department or groups existing sources, and curates them into a single campus calendar – automatically!


Creating a campus calendar that students actually use has traditionally been really challenging. With Raftr, we solve for those challenges rather than trying to change campus behavior. The end result? An automated, comprehensive calendar that saves you time, and that students love using.

News & Events Features

Calendar Features

  • Automated

  • Create a Custom Calendar

  • Unlimited Sources

  • Filterable

  • Sort by Trending

  • Mobile & Web Views Available


  • Dynamic Locations

  • Topics & Filtering

  • Image & Video Support

  • Link Previews

Sharing & Social

  • One-Tap Sharing

  • Share to Chat Channels

  • Commenting

  • Private Event Support




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