Types of Messages

  • Direct Message: Private messages that are directly between you and one other Raftr user
  • Chat Channels: Group messages specific to individual rafts. Every raft has at least one general chat channel, and depending on your university’s plan and preferences, can have multiple channels that can be customized and either open for all raft members to join, or private and only available by invitation or request.
    • Example: A residence hall raft has a public chat channel for all residents in the building, with private chat channels for each RA and their residents

Creating Direct Messages

To create a direct message, you will first need to follow the user you want to message (either search for the user via the Explore page, or find them on the rafts you are a member of). Once you follow the user, a Direct Message button will appear on their profile and you can send them a message. If they don’t follow you yet, they will get a notification that you’ve sent them a message request which they will need to approve. If someone has sent you a direct message request, it will show under your main messages screen on the main bottom menu.

Creating Custom Chat Channels

Only raft leaders can create additional chat channels, and only on university official rafts (see our plans for details). Once a raft has been made official, simply go to the raft, click on the messages section, and tap the “+” sign. From there, give the chat channel a name, assign a photo, enter a description (optional), and decide if you want the raft to be public or private, then tap create.

Accessing Your Messages

  • Direct Messages
    • To access a specific direct message: Go to the Explore page, then search for the user you are wanting to message, then select Direct Message on their user profile.
    • To access all of your direct messages: Select messages from the main bottom menu, then scroll past raft chat channels to your direct messages
  • Chat Channels
    • To access from a specific raft: Go to the Explore page, then search for the raft that the channel is part of, select messages, and then select the chat channel you want.
    • To access all chat channels you are a member of: Tap Messages on the main bottom menu.