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Sue and the Raftr team are truly fantastic and it has been a pleasure working with them. We are really looking forward to continuing our relationship with Raftr and designing communities that all have access to.

Communities Designed for All

University of Denver

I love Raftr because it allows me to always be in the know about events on campus. If I'm ever looking for something interesting to do during the week, I can always check the app's explore page to see what sounds intriguing, and I can also better plan my week!

I can plan my week!

Georgia K.

Tufts University Student

Raftr provides several different lines of communication between staff and students, which means it's a versatile platform for those seeking to drive student engagement. The platform is easy to use and fun to manage, and it provides a space for thoughtful, impactful content.

Fun, versatile platform

Tufts University