Meet Raftr

The New Leader in Campus Events Platforms

Create Your Campus Guide

Connect your students to what’s happening on campus throughout the year. From a comprehensive campus calendar to fully customizable residence hall communications, all the tools needed to connect your campus are here. 

A better Value for your Campus

Why pay for an ‘orientation guide’ when you can build a complete campus guide for less? Raftr serves as a guide to campus life throughout the year, from orientation to midterms, across academic breaks and through the summer. 

Events Calendar

Automatically curate a truly comprehensive calendar from across campus: student groups, academic departments, campuswide events, and more.

Student Driven

Students can create their own groups and post their own content, in addition to exploring information shared by the university.

Messaging Features

Create custom messaging channels that allow for one-on-one and group chat, all in a single platform. Ideal for residence halls, student groups, and departments.

Provide Valuable Information

From maps & locations to highly customizable content filters, students have access to all of the information they want, plus all of the information you need to them to have.

No Technical Integration

Launch Raftr in a matter of days - not weeks or months - with no technical integration required and no need to tap into your student databases.

Private Network for Your School

Your interactive Raftr experience is unique to your campus, meaning only your student, faculty, and staff can gain access to your private campus social network.


Our partners have reported more connected campuses – and more fun for their students – since launching with Raftr. See what some of our current partners have to say about their Raftr experiences! 

Sue and the Raftr team are truly fantastic and it has been a pleasure working with them. We are really looking forward to continuing our relationship with Raftr and designing communities that all have access to.
Carrie Ponikvar
University of Denver
Raftr provides several different lines of communication between staff and students, which means it's a versatile platform for those seeking to drive student engagement. The platform is easy to use and fun to manage, and it provides a space for thoughtful, impactful content.
Mickey Toogood
Tufts University

Have Questions?

Let us help! Contact the Raftr team for details and to tell us more about your campus needs. We'll create a custom plan designed specifically for your students and your campus.