Raftr for Enrolled Students

Foster a Thriving, Connected Campus Community

Unify and streamline campus communication with Raftr, so that every student has access to resource, feels included, and can thrive

Connect Your Campus. Elevate Your Students.

Raftr provides a unified experience with one-tap access to all of the systems your institution uses, and can can uniquely expand to power every department on campus, from Residence Life to Academics. 

Powerful Reporting

Drive engagement, track progress, and improve retention through powerful data and insights that give you a real-time view of student behaviors and trends. 

Peer-to-Peer Connections

Where other platforms lack discovery, leaving some students without access to peer connections, Raftr supports fully discoverable micro-communities of students who share interests, backgrounds, classes, and more – and the ability to connect directly with one other, in groups or individually. A powerful suite of safety and moderation features allows your administrators to maintain a safe, accountable and engaged social community. 

Explore Raftr for Enrolled Students

Connect students to campus resources - including events, maps, safety features, checklists and more - and to each other with the only campus app you'll ever need

Connect Students

Facilitate instant, genuine connections to students from similar backgrounds

Track Attendance

QR Codes and GPS location service features make event attendance a breeze with the Attendance Tracking module

Automated Reach

Save staff resources and deliver personalized experience through automation

Key Resources

Host your campus map, dining guides, student checklists, and resource guides in a single platform, and promote with automated nudges and notifications


Meet students where they are through powerful peer-to-peer social interaction

Gain Insights

Access data and insights to improve engagement, streamline communication and drive retention

Customer Testimonial

“The possibilities with Raftr are endless! The updates and analytics from Raftr have helped to support the work we are doing in Student Affairs in helping our students connect to each other and the University during the semester. It’s been great to have concrete numbers of how students are engaging with the app."
Sarah Smith
Director of Transition & Parent Programs
University of North Carolina - Asheville

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