Raftr Support: May 14 Product Updates


  • Updated screens for creating and editing events and posts
  • Some fixes like a crash when opening lists on Explore and notifications opening properly


  • Added topics for events and posts
  • Some fixes like showing notes for pinned posts on rafts’ Front Pages and chat threads updating when messages are edited


  • Update sidebars on app-level Posts feed
  • Some fixes like adding a popup explaining why you can’t create content in View-Only Mode and ensuring all events can load on app and raft level feeds

Raftr Support: April 30 Product Updates

Raftr publishes app and web updates every two weeks, adding new features, improving existing functions, and providing housekeeping and bug fixes as they arise. Here’s the latest summary of updates from this week’s new platform updates:


  • Added recent and suggested sections in Search
  • Some fixes, like improving speed in onboarding and enabling shared raft URL’s to open the app properly


  • Continued refreshing rafts with updates to: – Private rafts’ front page – All rafts’ info page – Update pinned section on all rafts’ front page
  • Fixes including adding messages when attempting to interact with content on rafts you’re not a member of or when you’re in View-Only mode


  • Updated raft URL’s to include the raft name
  • Updated events and posts in feed views
  • Updated create event/post flow
  • Added ability to add topics to events and posts (Note: topics are not yet visible)
  • Some fixes including updating login button for anonymous users and enabling proper character limit for rules on rafts

Raftr Support: April 16 Product Updates


  • Added “top” search results – which aggregates search results across all types of content (people, rafts, tags)
  • Some fixes like saving “interest” in events from rafts’ front pages and showing time selection as AM/PM


  • Updated messaging designs
  • Added cross-post info to events
  • Some fixes like being able to pin events on rafts and raft admin managing raft members


  • Updated “isolated” full view for posts (when opened via share links or from other views like notifications)
  • Some fixes, mainly to navigation throughout the app (ie: tapping raft name on event or post opening that raft)

Raftr Support: April 3 Product Updates

iOS update

  • Updated the designs for rafts’ front pages, and events and posts sections
  • Some fixes, like Raftr being a sharing option from other apps again

Android update:

  • Search feature on Explore
  • Events and posts to show less text until you tap “Read more”
  • Raftr as a sharing option from other apps
  • Option to report inappropriate chat messages
  • How events and posts are seen when opened from compact view, notifications, etc.
  • How comments and reactions are seen on events and posts
  • App to open on Events screen as default
  • Some fixes to messaging and other features

Web update:

  • Added a “View Only” feature to enable you to check out other schools via the “Visit other universities” button on your profile
  • Updated how events look when opened into an isolated view
  • Some fixes like leaders being able to update raft names

Raftr Support: March 6 Product Updates

  • Began an overhaul to how events and posts look throughout the app
  • Began an overhaul to how events and posts look throughout the app
  • Some fixes like the “join” button disappearing immediately when you join a raft and shared events and posts opening properly
  • Updated profile a bit so the header and content below are cleaner and the sidebar is relevant
  • A variety of fixes to the front page of rafts – like being able to react or be interested in an event directly there

Raftr Support: February 20 Product Updates

  • Updated event notifications to include the start time
  • Enabled opening a post into full view from a raft’s front page
  • Some fixes related to the Posts feed and group messaging
  • Updated event notifications to include the start time
  • Added show/ hide password feature in onboarding
  • Lots of fixes, like improving the view-only UX
  • Added a new Events feed so that posts and events can be seen in separate feeds, logging into the app will default you to this screen
  • Updated event notifications to include the start time
  • Updated the header and some sidebars to simplify navigation
  • Some fixes related to rafts’ front pages and group messaging