Authenticated Network

Enjoy the best of discoverability and security with a private network specific to your institution or group.

College Domain Authentication

On campus? Ensure your community stays secure when you authenticate by .edu or other institutional email domain.

Custom User Onboarding

No .edu domain? No problem. Raftr offers custom, secure onboarding and authentication.

Quick, No-Hassle Manual Sign-Up

Secure doesn’t mean slow. Account creation and authentication takes less than 2 minutes.

Safety & Security

Create an Authenticated Network

Unlock your campus experience, without unlocking your campus to outsiders. Your Raftr experience is a fully authenticated deployment that is customized and restricted only to users who are members of your community.

Included on All Raftr Solutions

All ProRaftr solutions include access to authenticated network. Users have a seamless sign-up experience using their company or university email domain, while you enjoy peace of mind knowing who has access to your Raftr network. Don’t have a shared network domain? Customized onboarding options are available!

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Connect Your Campus

Ready for a live introduction to the Raftr platform? Request a demo with a member of our team for a customized experience.