Raftr for Alumni

Create Engaged Communities with Smart Alumni Solutions

Give your alumni a better place to connect to their alma mater and encourage effortless alumni networking, engagement, mentoring and donations with Raftr’s alumni relations software.

All-in-One Alumni Management Software

When alumni feel connected they are more likely to provide ongoing support. Discover Raftr’s advanced alumni engagement tools and inspire your alumni to remain an integral part of your community.

Alumni Networking

Support genuine connections among your alumni communities by inviting those with similar interests to join like-minded community Rafts and Channels.

Alumni Mentoring Program

Give your Alumni a platform to match with current or potential students in order to foster positive connections, as well as priceless mentoring opportunities.

Alumni Donations

Encourage Alumni contributions by simplifying the donation process and creating personalized opportunities to give.

Alumni Events Management

Easily consolidate all alumni events into one master calendar with Raftr’s AI-driven events curation to ensure your alumni see all future activities.

Explore Raftr for Alumni

Centralize and empower your alumni network as you increase engagement, event attendance, alumni giving and involvement with a single, easy-to-use solution.
Connect Alumni

Intuitive social features allow your alumni to make social and professional connections instantly.

Manage Events

Distribute alumni events through email, push notifications, SMS and more, as well as track attendance in real-time.

Alumni Careers

Support professional networking with an automated career board and industry-based cohorts.

Alumni Mentoring

Build stronger institutional connections by matching alumni to current and potential students.

Social Giving

Encourage alumni contributions with simplified, personalized, and interactive ways to donate.

Gain Insights

Access data and insights to improve engagement, streamline communication and drive involvement.

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