Drive Yield.
Reduce Melt.

More than an event app. More than social media. More than messaging. Discover how Raftr can be a multi-faceted tool for driving yield and reducing melt for your admitted students.

Messaging & Chat

Raftr features a robust messaging platform, allowing admission reps to connect directly with students, as well as in channels with groups of students. Students can also connect and chat with one another, providing opportunities to make meaningful connections before stepping foot on campus.

Push Notifications

Need to reach students immediately with announcements, updates, and reminders? Send manual notifications to all students or groups of students using manual notifications. Send immediate notices or schedule your announcements in advance.

Dynamic Checklists

Keep students on track to enroll and get to campus with dynamic checklists. Easily identify students who are missing tasks or deadlines and reach out to offer personalized prompts and offer assistance.

Host Event Days

Host virtual event days or provide on-campus event day resources like schedules, interactive maps, virtual tours and more. Whether you’re bringing students & families to campus or offer virtual events, Raftr can support all admitted student events with ease.

Virtual Tours

Bring your campus to life with mobile-friendly virtual tours and campus maps. Accessible through multiple platforms, including a desktop and mobile-friendly website and mobile apps for iOS and Android, admitted students can explore your campus and culture in new, immersive ways.


Ready for a live introduction to the Raftr platform? Request a demo with a member of our team for a customized experience.