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Welcome to Raftr

Raftr is a phone app (and website) that helps college students connect with each other and the communities on campus while providing university oversight and control. Through our comprehensive events calendar, digital communities, and various social tools, users can explore what’s happening on campus, find their people, and discover the most of what your university has to offer.

Why ‘Raftr’?

A group of otters linked together is called a “raft”. Sea otters are very social animals that often eat, rest, and sleep together while floating in these rafts. Rafts can include hundreds of otters connected with one another by holding hands.

As it turns out, college students – and their physical campuses – are a lot like otters. Adorable, right? Rafts are designed to host the conversations and connections students make with each other in communities formed around common interests, ideas, clubs and sports.

Glossary of Terms


A group within Raftr centered around a common topic or function. Rafts can include events, posts, private messages and other customization features. Think of rafts as groups where like-minded individuals can join around the common topic.


Cross-Posting is available when creating or editing an event in Raftr. This feature allows you to choose additional rafts for your event to show up on and expand your audience. Events can only be cross-posted to the What’s Happening and/or Free Food rafts, and users will be able to see which raft the event was originally posted on.


Marking interested enables you to receive notifications and reminders about specific events. While all users can see how many people are interested in an event, only the event creator can see the list of everyone that plans on attending.


Reactions let you, well, react, to events and posts throughout Raftr to share your feelings quickly and efficiently, and see how others feel as well.

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