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Topics help users instantly decipher what each raft, event, or post’s relevant theme is. On Web on the Explore page and as you navigate across the platform, view the left hand side, from there you can narrow down your search by selecting a particular topic. Whereas on mobile, you can also filter your search based off of topics as well.

When creating a raft, event, or post, you are encouraged to set topics. This will help users understand the subject manner of your content, and make it easier for them to discover it as they’re searching relevant content on the platform.

Raftr Topics

  • Events This Weekend
  • Academic
  • Arts
  • Cultural
  • Doing Good
  • Fans
  • Food
  • IM/Club Sports
  • Just for Fun
  • Music
  • Off-Campus
  • Orientation
  • Other
  • Professional
  • Random
  • Res Life
  • Social
  • Speaker
  • Spiritual
  • Student Government
  • Studying & Tutoring
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