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Raftr supports a variety of post types, each with a series of tools and features designed to help provide information and build community. Some features, such as photos and videos, are available on all content types, while some have unique features as outlined below.

Standard Post

A post is the most basic of all content types, requiring only a caption / description to post. Options within a post include:

  • Title / Heading
  • Topics
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Animated GIFs
  • Attached file


Polls are interactive posts that can be used for fun & engagement, assessments, or gather opinions. When creating a poll, users have the option of adding between 2 and 10 options for other users to cast a vote on. Poll items can include optional images. Additionally, poll creators will have the ability to decide if a poll is anonymous or not, select an end date & time, and choose a timeline for an automating reminder via push notification, if desired.

List Posts

List posts are an extensive family of post types that offer advanced features for sharing complex or extensive content. List items can be combined, and include:

  • Standard item
  • People
  • Location
  • Task

Using these features, users can create complex guides or several specialized content types below.


Creating interactive and comprehensive guides is possible with the combination of multiple list item types.


Create a list exclusively of ‘People’ items (or people + one location) to create a directory of staff, faculty, or student leaders. Directories can include locations, phone numbers, email addresses, and the option to send direct messages instantly through Raftr.

Interactive Map

Using ‘Location’ items makes creating campus maps, or more specific maps, easier than ever. Supported by an integration with Google Maps, any location can be plotted and supporting information included on maps.

Virtual Tour

Similar to the Interactive Map, Virtual Tours go one step further with the addition of a video with each location on the map. Videos are automatically played when users select the location on the map.

Dynamic Checklists

Using the ‘Task’ list item, administrators can create a dynamic checklist for users, tracking progress as a whole and individually. Creators of a dynamic checklist have the option to view and message participants (or those who have not yet completed tasks), as well as download a .csv file of completed / not completed tasks by user.

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