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Raftr is a robust system with a number of advanced tools for promoting communication, community connection, and organization around groups and campuses. Making the most of Raftr means understanding how to best use those tools and features to reach institutional goals.

Kick-Off Training

All Raftr partners are offered a live online training session as part of implementation and onboarding. During this session, topics covered include:

  • Community customization
  • Navigating Raftr
  • Creating content, including:
    • Events
    • Posts
    • Guides & lists
    • Maps
    • Directories
  • Managing messages and chat channels
  • Sending push notifications
  • Member management

Most sessions are 60 to 90 minutes in length, and may be recorded for reference upon request.

Ongoing Training

As new features are released, the Raftr team will distribute on-demand video walkthroughs or step-by-step guides for accessing new features. Live demonstrations of new features may be available upon request.


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