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Premium Rafts are the cornerstone of every implementation of Raftr, and provide full customization for your community members. In most cases, the Raftr license fee includes 3 Premium Rafts, with the option to add on bundles of additional Premium Rafts for an additional fee. All communities also include unlimited Basic Rafts.

Premium vs. Basic Rafts

Below is a side-by-side view of all of the features of Premium and Basic Rafts:


Premium Raft

Basic Raft

Administrators 1 leader + unlimited co-leaders + unlimited curators 1 leader + 1 co-leader + no curators
Members Unlimited members 25 members
Chat Channels Unlimited channels 1 channel
Incognito Channels Available Not available
Enable / Disable Specific Content Types Available Not available
Manage User Permissions to Create Content  Available Not available
Premium Raft Upgrades Available Maps, Virtual Tours, Checklists, Directories, Guides, Event Check-in (Attendance Tracking), SMS Announcements Not available
Raft Privacy Options Public, Private, Secret Public, Private, Secret
Announcements (Push / Email Notifications) Two announcements per Raft per day Not available
Scheduled Posts Two schedule posts per Raft administrator per day Not available
Duplicate Posts Available Not available
Auto-join Members Ability to automatically join all new community members to raft Not available
Enable / Disable Members Ability to Leave Raft Ability to enable / disable “Members can leave” setting Not available
Offline Content Ability to set posts to be available offline for all members Not available


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