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Polls are interactive posts that can be used for fun & engagement, assessments, or gather opinions. When creating a poll, users have the option of adding between 2 and 10 options for other users to cast a vote on. Poll items can include optional images. Additionally, poll creators will have the ability to decide if a poll is anonymous or not, select an end date & time, and choose a timeline for an automating reminder via push notification, if desired.

Poll Components

  • A question – the prompt
  • Description – introduce or explain in further detail what your poll is about
  • Options – add 2 – 10 options to select, with the option to add a photo
  • Topics – select 1-3 relevant topics
  • Set date – decide how long your poll should be up for

*Please note, to ensure full accuracy, once you publish your poll, you cannot edit it.

Video Walkthrough

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