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Raftr is designed to be a highly customizable experience that reflect any individual’s specific interests and involvement within their campus or organization. There are several tools available to customize the Raftr experience.

Guide to Raft Membership

The rafts a user joins will directly determine the content displayed within each user’s Raftr experience. For instance, a user who joins the Transfer Student raft at their university will see events, posts, and messages specific to that community within their personal feeds, while a user who has not joined the raft will not see that content in their feed.

Upon joining a community, each user will be presented with a list of rafts available to join. Within the community, users can be invited to rafts, can search for rafts, or may explore rafts that have been highlighted on the campus Explore page.

Filtering Feeds

Further customization is available by using filters located throughout the platform. Topic filters appear on the Explore page, Events calendar, and Posts feed, all of which allow the user to filter their view to specific topics. Topics are customizable for each college, university, or organization, so they may vary by community and provide a quick, simple way for a more narrow view of what’s happening within the community.

Accessing a Private Calendar

Each user can create a private calendar simply by tapping or clicking the ‘Interested’ button on events of interest. This will add the event to the private calendar, which is accessible both on each user’s profile, or by selecting the star filter on the Events calendar.

Bookmarking Posts

Users can easily reference important posts by using the Bookmark function on the Posts feed. To bookmark a post, simply select the ‘…’ menu and tap or click ‘Bookmark.’ A small purple bookmark icon will appear on the post, indicated it has been bookmarked. To view bookmarked posts, tap the bookmark icon on the filter menu located on the Posts page, and the feed will change the view to show only bookmarked content. A bookmark can be removed at any time via the ‘…’ menu.

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