What are Rafts?

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What is a Raft?

A raft is a group or community formed around something users care about, such as a residence hall, orientation group, or academic department, or less structured groups & topics, such rock climbing, baking or movie parties. When a user joins a raft, any events, posts and messages shared within that raft will appear in the users’ individuals feeds on Raftr, creating a truly customized experience that reflect that users’ interests and involvement on campus. It also means the user doesn’t have to filter through content that’s not relevant to them.

Types of Rafts

There are two types of rafts on Raftr and several different privacy settings for member management and content accessibility. The first type of raft is those that are curated by our team or the colleges we partner with (official) and the second type is those that people in the app create and curate (user-curated).

Official rafts are denoted by a checkmark for authenticity. They are loaded with interesting content and conversations. These are rafts that are generally curated by someone in the administration in your college or university, who makes sure events and content are complete and comprehensive. Students can also post and chat on these rafts, and also co-lead them.

Raft Features

Rafts host three primary content types:

  • Events
  • Posts
  • Messaging

Privacy Settings

Rafts offer customized privacy settings, each of which determine how users can interact and join the group.

Public Rafts

Public rafts are visible and discoverable through search, and can be instantly joined through a simple tap of a button. No approval is required to join a public raft.

Private Rafts

Private rafts have setting options that determine whether or not they are discoverable through search, but regardless of discovery, approval is required to join a private raft. A user may request to join, and that request must be approved by raft administrators: either a raft leader or co-leader.

Secret Rafts

Secret rafts are not discoverable by search, and users cannot request to join; the only way to join a secret raft is via invite from an existing raft leader.

Exploring Rafts

You can contribute content in three primary ways:

Reacting to Posts

Reacting to posts, either by selecting an emoticon, writing a comment, or up-voting or down-voting another person’s comment. These interactions all get tallied in our algorithm to surface which rafts, posts, and people are trending throughout the app.

Creating Content

This is a great way to share events or your thoughts and ideas as the stories on your rafts advance each day. You can personalize and illustrate your events and posts with photos, videos or GIFs. You can also share links to external content by either pasting a link you copied elsewhere or, if you are on an iOS device, by using the share button in the app where you found the content and sharing directly into Raftr.

Chatting in Channels

Chatting live with other members of your raft by selecting the raft’s messages page, or finding its channel on the Messages screen (via the button in the tab bar that’s always at the bottom of the screen). Chat messages can include emoticons, pictures, videos and GIFs, too.

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