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Raftr supports several types of list item capabilities. Our lists transform extensive and complex content in an easily digestible format, such as organized to-do tasks, a series of locations, or a directory of resources. Each type of item comes with a specific set of features, such as photo or video, pin locations, checkmark tasks, and links to user profiles.

Components for All Types of Lists: 

  • Title
  • Items [Standard Item, Person, Place or Task]
  • Default icon
  • Cover Image [Or you can upload a video]
  • Topics
  • Description

You have the ability to create a list comprised of different items, such as a standard item, a person, a location, or a task. Learn about the different list items below:

Standard Item

An item is the most basic component for a list. A compilation of items is popularly used to provide a listicle format of resources to users. Examples include a list guide of services or a compilation of recommendations. For each item of an item list you are able to add:

  • An image [Or you can upload a video]
  • Name
  • Notes
  • Website


The person item enables you to highlight a particular person or user. When combining several person items, you could create a directory of people to feature. Components for a person item entails:

  • First option: select a user already on Raftr, search for their name and select user
  • Second option: add new person, someone outside of Raftr, details include – photo, name, prefix, contact information (email, phone number, website),  and title components include – title, department, and notes


With the location item feature specific addresses and destinations. When creating compilations of places build directory maps or a tour guide. Each place item includes:

  • An image [Or you can upload a video]
  • Name
  • Location [Manually add the address or search for the location]
  • Contact: Email, Phone #, and Website, and Notes


The task item allows you to create tasks and track completed work. Combine multiple tasks to create and manage checklists. Task components entail:

  • An image [Or you can upload a video]
  • Name
  • Notes
  • Deadline
  • Website

Custom Guides

Create interactive and comprehensive guides by combining multiple list item types. Some guides examples:


Create a list exclusively of ‘People’ items (or people + one location) to create a directory of staff, faculty, or student leaders. Directories can include locations, phone numbers, email addresses, and the option to send direct messages instantly through Raftr.

Interactive Map

Using ‘Location’ items makes creating campus maps, or more specific maps, easier than ever. Supported by an integration with Google Maps, any location can be plotted and supporting information included on maps.

Video Walkthrough

Virtual Tour

Similar to the Interactive Map, Virtual Tours go one step further with the addition of a video with each location on the map. Videos are automatically played when users select the location on the map.

Dynamic Checklists

Using the ‘Task’ list item, administrators can create a dynamic checklist for users, tracking progress as a whole and individually. Creators of a dynamic checklist have the option to view and message participants (or those who have not yet completed tasks), as well as download a .csv file of completed / not completed tasks by user.

Video Walkthrough

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