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We’re delighted to welcome new partners to the Raftr community! To get started, request a demo or contact us at

Digital Welcome Kit

Upon partnering with Raftr, you’ll receive an invitation to your Digital Welcome Kit, which includes progress updates on your community implementation, contact information for your dedicated account manager, and daily updates with what’s happening behind the scenes in your community. From this kit, you’ll also be able to schedule your live training session and submit your community setup form, which kick-starts the backend setup of your Raftr community.


All Raftr partnerships include at least one 90-minute live online training session, which will be recorded and provided to the partner institution for reference. Access to additional on-demand training resources will also be provided.

Onboarding & Launch

As part of each community launch, the account manager will work closely with each partner to discuss and plan community setup, user onboarding, and ongoing support and feedback opportunities.

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