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In App Creation

To create a post or event in Raftr, simply click the “+” sign in the bottom main menu of the app.

To Create a Post: Type what you want to say in the caption field, assign a topic, then tap the share button

When creating both events and posts you can also include images from your personal library, or add a gif from Giphy to make your post or event more eye-catching.

On Web

To create a post or event on the web version of Raftr click the “Post” or “Event” button on the left menu, fill out each of the required fields, and click the Post button.

Filtering Posts

To help users find the information that is most important to them, we offer multiple filtering options. From the main feed of both the app and web, you can filter the content on Raftr by topics and/or by specific rafts. Simply click the filter button, select which topics and/or rafts you want to see content from and click save.

Tip: Reset your filters to “all” when you’re done or you could miss out on an event or announcement.

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