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General Support

All users have access to support through the following formats:

In-App Support Request

From the user profile within Raftr, and navigate to General. In this section, a link to Request Support appears and will direct to the user to a support form. This form sends all requests directly to our support team.

Support Raft

All users can search for and join the platform-wide Support raft, which features updates on new releases as well as the ability to send Raftr direct messages through the raft channels.

Live Chat

Our live chat at provides live support during regular business hours, and the ability to leave a message and email address for follow-up after hours.

Partner Support

University and corporate partners have access to a higher level of support, up to and including a dedicated account manager.

Account Manager

As part of onboarding, each partner is assigned a dedicated account manager that serves as a primary point of contact. The account manager also serves as the liaison between the partner and the Raftr support team when needed.


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