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The Admin Portal is the community management dashboard for each Raftr implementation. Designed with community administration in mind, the Admin Portal allows community administrators to create and publish advanced content, manage community users, access data and analytics, and customize the overall community experience.

User Management

Within the User Management dashboard, community administrators have tools to manage and reach users, including the ability to add & remove users, send password reset emails, make channel and raft assignments, send account activation reminder emails, and more. User management tools allow for both individual and bulk actions.

Content Management

The Content Management dashboard is the hub of content creation for the platform. Within this dashboard, community administrators will have access to the Launchpad, a quick-start guide that allows for one-click access to content creation, announcements & notifications, landing page editing, and more. Additionally, administrators can access content templates (coming soon!) and create custom topics for the community.


Measure your community’s engagement with the Reports dashboard, which features data and analytics that will share how users are interacting with the community, where they are active, how frequently they open the app, and much more.

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