Raftr for Academics

Community-Focused Classroom Management, Built for Higher Ed.

Create community-first classroom experiences to foster connections, share important campus announcements and conduct individual student outreach.

Customizable Classroom Management Software to Foster Engaged Student Participation

Offer students a powerful campus community experience that perfectly complements your in-person classes, as well as your online classes.

Faculty-to-Student Communication

Chat 1-on-1 with students or select cohorts, and offer virtual office hours or authenticated spaces where students can ask tough questions anonymously.

LMS Integrations

Integrate with your LMS to automatically create a personalized calendar of important course dates and deadlines.

Attendance Tracking

Track attendance for both in-person and online classes - supported by a Zoom integration that provides one-tap access to each virtual session.

Customer Testimonial

“I wanted students to feel free to really indulge in their roles. Since the roles were assigned to them and were separate from their own identities, students may have been encouraged to share perspectives and say things that would never be true or accurate for themselves.

I wanted them to really embrace that, without feeling weird or judged by people outside of the game community, who may not have understood the context of what was going on.”

Adelphi University Cover
Dr. Traci Levy, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Political Science Department. Director, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Adelphi University

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Connect students to helpful course resources, as well as each other, with the only classroom app your campus will ever need.
Reach Students

Create intuitive digital communities and chat channels to reach students 1-on-1, or in select groups.

Useful Insights

Access data and insights to improve classroom engagement and streamline communication.

Custom Notifications

Send manual push notifications with important updates & reminders to all, or pre-selected students.

Key Resources

Support your students (both on and off campus) by giving them easy access to helpful resources, 24/7.

Peer Connections

Share event information, polls, or offer valuable Q&A to help your students foster a sense of community.

Interactive Hybrid Lessons

Incorporate a live chat feature into your sessions to encourage engaged student participation.

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