Let’s face it: College can be really hectic, and keeping up with everything happening on campus can be a challenge. That’s why Raftr is here! With Raftr, you’ll have a snapshot of every event on campus right at your fingertips and  a customized look at your own schedule when it’s time to get focused.

Otters in a RaftWhy ‘Raftr’?

A group of otters linked together is called a “raft.” Sea otters are very social animals that often sleep, rest, and eat together while floating in these rafts, which can include hundreds of interconnected otters – not unlike the student experience on a college campus. (It also doesn’t hurt that otters are ridiculously adorable).

Student Affairs Professionals: How to Use Raftr

We know the challenges of working in student affairs! In fact, many members of our team come from a higher ed background, and understand well the struggle of working across departments to improve campus life and drive student engagement. That’s why Raftr is designed to both improve student involvement AND improve administrative efficiencies.

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Students: How to Use Raftr

Raftr helps you get current on campus, bringing together events from departments, student groups, athletic teams, arts, speakers, concerts and more, all into a single app that gives you immediate control of your day, week and month. Want to connect with friends and let them know you’re going  to an event? Raftr offers a rich social experience, so you can post events, share details, and send direct messages to your friends.

Raftr also gives you the power to grow your event attendance! Every user can post and manage their own events with customization tools that allow you to share events with your entire campus or just a small group of friends.

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Welcome to Raftr: it’s time to get current.