About Raftr

Stop battling campus silos. Start connecting your students.

Why Raftr?

Communication is broken on university campuses

Communication is often broken on university campuses, with no single department able to own the relationship with the student. As a result, communication efforts to students often end up being manual, tedious, duplicative and fragmented.

Students struggle to find others with similar interests and university announcements fail to reach students. This sense of social isolation can have direct impacts on student success and retention.


of students say they regularly or frequently miss events happening on campus.


of university administrators say their primary goal is to forge deeper connections with students.


of new students nationwide do not return to campus the following year.

How Raftr Helps

Raftr is an online events and messaging platform designed to help foster a sense of belonging for students by connecting them through shared interests.

With a mobile app that’s filled with features familiar to students, but easy-to-use for administrators, Raftr helps drive student engagement by simplifying message delivery to the student body in a way that’s meaningful, collaborative, and social.

Private Network

Raftr offers a private, authenticated network specific to your group or institution.


Automatic content curation saves staff time and gives students a comprehensive campus calendar

Communication Tools

The Raftr mobile apps have powerful tools for reaching students in new ways.

Who We Are

We built Raftr to be the communications and content sharing platform we wish existed on campuses.

Raftr, like most startups, was born from a problem that needed to be solved. We learned that students are often missing events on campus and are frustrated by email-listservs and group notifications that aren’t always relevant to them; we also learned that university administrations are seeking alternatives to reach and engage with their student bodies.

An increasing number of incoming students are no longer on Facebook, and the alternatives for group communication like GroupMe lack discoverability and are not authenticated or university-specific.  

We built Raftr to be the communications and content sharing platform we wish existed on campuses – it shouldn’t be difficult for students to find people with shared interests or to communicate with those in their residence halls and pre-orientation groups.

With Raftr, both the student body and university administration can have a centralized platform to communicate with each other and stay updated with campus events.